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Who We Are

Mission & History

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the lives of our clients and our community. We work to heal their mind and body, to inspire and to provide excellent service in alcohol and drug addiction treatment, primary healthcare, recovery support, case management, behavioral health, vocational development and to be a resource to all members of the community for outreach, prevention, education and advocacy.


The Scioto County Counseling Center DBA The Counseling Center, Inc. was formed in 1980 as an outpatient behavioral health and addiction treatment office under the direction of Rembert Glass. Rembert Glass and the Scioto County Counseling Center were on the forefront of addiction recovery, 36 years ago, as his services were based on the now accepted Disease Model of Addiction.

Rembert Glass would step down as director in 1984, although he stayed on as a consultant, and would be followed by Sue Butler. Sue was able to start some prevention services and created a close relationship with the Mental Health Board.  The next few years, however, would be difficult years as staffing and funding changed. When Ed Hughes became the Director in 1989, the focus of The Counseling Center was able to shift from Outpatient services to Residential services and Transitional Housing.

The nineties would see rapid growth in the types of services provided and how clients were referred. In 1990, The Summer Outreach Club (Prevention Service) began, followed by the Stepping Stones House (Residential Treatment for Pregnant Mothers or Women with Children) opening in 1992 and the Marsh House (Residential Treatment for Men) opened in 1994. In1996, The Scioto County Counseling Center would become The Counseling Center after taking over operations in Adams County and in the late 1990s, the court system begins referring more clients thus beginning the Jail Diversion programming.

Throughout the 2000s, The Counseling Center would add more programs, such as Kindred Spirits, Hopeworks and Futures (Now Steps to Success Vocational and Occupational Services). This rapid expansion of services and client population created all new needs in the Continuum of Care. Which is why in 2012 The Counseling Center would split into three separate entities: The Counseling Center, for drug and alcohol recovery treatment and counseling; Compass Community Health Care Center, for primary health care concerns; and Compass Point Housing, which took over all residential housing and turned the houses into Supportive Recovery Housing.

The latter part of the 2010s would see The Counseling Center continue working and providing a holistic approach to client-centered care. Through client feedback and performance improvements, the Day One Admissions Center was opened in March 2017 and offers a calm atmosphere where friendly staff help clients start their recovery process. Following this same path, the Hughes Re-Entry Center opened to help serve those returning to their community after spending time in a correctional facility or community-based prison facility, through educational or vocational training. In the fall of 2018, The Counseling Center would receive funding to open a much-needed service center, Foundations Withdrawal Management that would offer 24 hours care for those who were experiencing the symptoms that can come with withdrawing from addictive substances. 2018 would close out with the opening of the Health & Wellness Center, an open-to-all recreational and gym center that would promote physical and spiritual health. 

As The Counseling Center looks towards the future, the focus will continue to be on client-centered approaches and continued growth to meet the variety of needs in our community.