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Primary Health Care at Compass Community Health Care Center

At Compass Community Health Care Center,  we believe everyone should have access to quality health care services. We are a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center (FQHC) focusing on providing compassionate care for all of your primary health care needs. 

  • Open to all, regardless of ability to pay

  • Same day and next day appointments

  • Help with transportation to our office

  • Extended hours

  • Easy access and street-level parking

Our Services

Compass Community Health Care Center’s Medical Director is John Turjoman, MD. He leads a team of dedicated health care professionals offering the following services:

Family Health: From treating a cold to a chronic condition, we offer compassionate, comprehensive, primary health care. We will work together as a team to help you successfully manage high blood pressurediabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions.

Women’s Health: Megan Whisman, FNP-BC, or any of our providers, can help with annual preventative women’s health screenings including annual exams, screenings, mammograms and more.

Behavioral Health: Our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner will help you stop smoking, as well as help with any emotional or mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse or seasonal affective disorder.

Care Coordination: Our dedicated nurse Care Coordinator will explain what comes next and help make follow-up appointments, arrange transportation, explain health information and answer questions, collect up-to-date information from all of your providers.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy (OT):  Specialized occupational therapy services are available for our patients who struggle with general developmental challenges, self-care skills, sensory processing issues such as sensitivity to light, sound, touch, and more.

Outreach and Enrollment: We have a Certified Application Counselor at our office who will help you sign up for health insurance (Affordable Care Act Marketplace, Medicare or Ohio Medicaid) or community programs like CHIP. This is a free service for any member of the community, and you do not have to be a patient to take advantage of it.