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Men's & Women's Outpatient Treatment with Supportive Housing

Men's & Women's Outpatient Treatment with Supportive Housing

At The Counseling Center, our recovery messages, experiences and services promote dignity and hope. We share what we know about alcoholism, addiction and maintaining a long-term recovery lifestyle. We will work with you to sort through problems addiction has caused you and your family, including medical, legal, spiritual and financial challenges. We will connect you with organizations and resources in the community that can support your efforts to recover from addiction. 

The Outpatient Program for both men and women can also include local supportive recovery housing, as provided by our affiliated agency, Compass Point Housing. Within homes such as Marsh House, Second Chance, St. Lucy's or Stepping Stone House, all clients have access to caring, professional staff who provide individual, group and family counseling, case management, transportation, occupational and vocational services, and primary health care.

For admissions or additional information call: 
740.354.6685 or 800.577.6685