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Our Continuum of Care

Day One Center

The Counseling Center is staffed by professional, licensed counselors dedicated to the principles of recovery. All services are private and confidential.

We witness people recovering from alcoholism and other drug addictions. We know that treatment works. We believe that recovery is a process of becoming abstinent from mood-altering drugs and experiencing a personal transformation in attitude, behavior and lifestyle that enables a person to successfully accept the challenges of daily life and attainment of personal goals. 

We also believe strongly in the promises of twelve step recovery that offer a person an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy a life free of the bondage of addiction and experience the healing of damaged relationships. Recovery involves the total person, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our Day One Center offers a calm atmosphere where friendly staff help clients start their recovery process. Call today to start your journey at 740.354.6685 or 800.577.6685

Where to Find Us

  • What is Recovery?

    At The Counseling Center, Inc., we believe recovery involves abstinence and a restoring of one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. All these issues must be addressed to create an opportunity for a person to reach their full potential and heal damaged relationships

  • What can we expect at the first appointment?

    The first appointment is approximately two hours in duration and is an opportunity for the counselor to get to know the person who is requesting treatment. Recommendations for the types of services that could be helpful are made at that time. Family or friends are offered information about programs and resources that are available for loved ones.

  • What type of services might be offered?

    Community outpatient treatment typically consists of weekly individual sessions with group counseling a few times per week. Because clients often have many needs and may benefit from 24 hour support, supportive housing can be provided through our affiliated agency, Compass Point Housing. Those in housing will participate in a more frequent and structured treatment regimen. We recognize that each person is different and a plan will be made to address that individual’s needs.

  • What is available if the client has additional physical or behavioral health problems?

    The person can be connected with behavioral health services within the agency if it appears they could benefit from this type of treatment. Physical health problems may be addressed through Compass Community Health Care Center, our primary health care center.

  • How long will the person be involved with The Counseling Center, Inc.?

    Because recovery is a process and everyone progresses differently, length of time will vary. Individuals typically participate in frequent services for a period of ninety days with intensity decreasing slowly over the following months. Transitional living, employment assistance, and other services may be available in later phases of treatment to assist clients in reconnecting to their community and maintaining a sober lifestyle.

  • How can you help if the addicted person has physical withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to stop their use of drugs or alcohol?

    It is not unusual for the person who has been abusing chemicals to need some level of medical assistance to stop. Persons abusing certain types of chemicals may be referred for brief hospitalization. Compass Community Health Care Center may be utilized if the individual experiences withdrawal from opiates/pain medication. The counselor can share more specific information about this medical service.

  • In addition to treatment, what can the addicted person and others do to aid recovery?

    We strongly encourage 12-step program attendance, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Family or friends may attend the support group of Al-Anon. Many communities offer faith-based support programs such as Celebrate Recovery. Your participation in support groups combined with Loved Ones programming, could greatly increase the addicted person’s opportunity for recovery. It will almost certainly benefit you.

  • How can the recovering person best occupy some of their time?

    In addition to treatment services and support programs, the recovering person is welcome to use the program The Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is supported by The Counseling Center, Inc. and holds various support meetings. The Clubhouse’s group meetings are an opportunity to build relationships with others in recovery from addiction.

  • What about Medications?

    It is important that you report all prescribed and non-prescribed drugs to Day One staff when preparing for admission. There are times when certain medications may be harmful to your recovery and you may be advised to discuss such with the prescribing physician. You will have access to medical staff, including a pharmacist, while in treatment with The Counseling Center.

  • What are my options if I have children?

    Women can request to bring up to two children under the age of 12 to our Stepping Stone program. School-age children would be enrolled in the local school during the treatment stay. Younger children would be in childcare in the same building where the mother receives treatment. A mother and her children would share the same bedroom in the Stepping Stone house.