Transitional Programming

TCC’s Transitional Living program is an Outpatient based treatment program, linked with supportive housing.

The program is open to substance use disorder and dual-diagnosis clients.

Living Beds

Within the agency we have over 100 Transitional Living beds.

Transitional Living Program

In addition to traditional treatment, the Transitional Living Program is connected with all the unique programming opportunities TCC has to offer including vocational development, job placement, & health and wellness services.

The Counseling Center is historically known for its residential treatment options for individuals with substance use disorders. While we still have a focus in that area, TCC is also invested in treating people throughout an entire continuum of care, taking into account individual client needs. The ability to keep individuals connected to appropriate treatment dosage, following their completion of more intensive services affords the chance for people to maintain longer periods of sobriety, transition at their own pace back into society, and ultimately become healthier, more skillful versions of themselves.

The Transitional Living program is invested in recovery, educational and vocational development, and increasing individuals ability to meet their own needs.

Any individual who follows the clinical recommendations of this program will be healthier, gain independent living, and be employed.

Individuals in recovery need extended, individualized treatment options in order to sustain the meaningful changes they are focused on making. The Transitional Living Program bridges the gap between our historic approach to behavioral health services and the future of better outcomes.

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