The Success Center

The Counseling Center’s Success Center is a one-of-a-kind service for our clients and employees. We offer classes and one-on-one guidance for a wide range of life skills. These include topics such as: job placement and advancement, budget and money management, building good credit, and seeking a driver’s license or purchasing a home.

We provide Clients with training and job placement, and provide employers with clean, reliable, and responsible employees

Vocational Training Courses

Adult Education Courses

Employment Readiness Assistance

Community Employment Partners

Our community employment partnerships enable our clients to become educated on ways to succeed in the workforce, obtain financial stability & regain their independence.

>>Download a PDF of the Success Center here.

This program offers GED/Adult Diploma courses to the community and we will now be offering this in house at tcc through the Success Center.

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Since joining the Workforce Development Program, I have been mentored into becoming a valuable, productive member of society. The leadership here has helped me gain a career, a car, a home and healthy relationships.

–Jacob Floyd, Alumni of The Success Center

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