Quick Response Team

The Quick Response Team (QRT) provide support to local agencies and community members experiencing crises related to opioid or stimulant overdose.


The QRT works to address the opioid epidemic and fentanyl crisis at the frontline, ensuring that community members experiencing overdose receive adequate and individualized care for their needs. The QRT additionally provide linkage to community resources to help initiate the healing process for affected individuals and their loved ones. All of this happens at the scene of the overdose. The QRT assists in reducing overdose fatalities through the effective use of enhanced education, prevention, analysis of drug trends, and coordinated efforts with first-response units. The QRT meet with overdose victims to assess the individual’s needs, develop a personalized plan for intervention, and connect individuals and their loved ones to locally available resources. The QRT additionally work to provide the community with access to Naloxone, as well as the education necessary to appropriately use Naloxone to save the lives of individuals struggling with substance use and other mental health disorders.


QRT works on-scene with paramedics and emergency services personnel at the initial time of overdose to provide in-home or on-scene triage of the overdose victim.

Specialized Care

QRT is made up of trained addiction and mental health staff composed of social workers, counselors, and other specialists.


QRT operates 24/7 in coordination with emergency first-responders to provide support and access to community resources to help victims and families of overdose achieve recovery.

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