Foundations Withdrawal Management

For men & women 18+ currently experiencing or expect to experience physical withdrawal symptoms who want to overcome their dependency and quickly stabilize to begin recovery journey

Specialized medical staff

All services are provided under the oversight of a local MD and recovery-trained nurse practitioners. The facility is continuously staffed by nurses with expertise in the recovery process and withdrawal management.

State wide acceptance

Clients accepted state-wide, with Medicaid enrollment assistance provided as needed.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) available on-site and ongoing into lower-levels of care as needed, following a medically-managed taper.

>>Download a PDF about Foundations Withdraw Management here.

The Counseling Center’s Foundations Withdrawal Management program is the region’s largest and most integrated withdrawal management operation, featuring more than 35 beds with immediate occupancy available for both self-admits as well as law enforcement and EMS referrals. Withdrawal management clients are eligible for entry into other comprehensive recovery services, including access to the region’s premier long-term housing resources, as well as cutting-edge life skills support, vocational development, and employment assistance services. Life skills support includes caring and individualized assistance with GED, drivers’ license, banking, credit score improvement, self-care, budgeting, and car and housing purchases. Recreational activities, including: fishing, yoga, meditation, Cross-Fit, cookouts, religious services, recovery meetings, and hiking are all available as the client’s health progresses. Clients enrolling into residential care have immediate access to community-oriented outreach activities and partnerships with local civic groups and employers to both give back and gain opportunities for long-term independence.

”This program helped me actually want to fight for my life, not only did they help me but they stood alongside me in my battle.”

Michael -Alumni of The Counseling Center Foundations Withdrawal Management Program

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