Bridges Residential

For men and women 18+ who need a high level of care, and a safe and stable living environment before continuing through our Continuum of Care.

Bridges Residential has programs for both men and women.

The Bridges Residential Program completes our treatment Continuum of Care and serves over 500 clients a year.

We offer over 30 hours of services for our clients throughout the week.

Bridges Residential is a clinically managed high-intensity residential program through The Counseling Center. This newest addition to our continuum of care offers a safe and stable living environment for individuals in need of substance use treatment but may have specific limitations or require a higher level of care to avoid immediate relapse or continued use. Individuals enrolled in Bridges Residential will receive 24-hour supervision and supportive services while they begin or continue their recovery journey.


Individual Counseling
Group Counseling
Case Management
Mental Health Services
Primary Healthcare (Compass Community Health partnership)
Withdrawal Management (Compass Community Health partnership)
Prosocial Activities
Recreational Activities
Nutrition and Wellness Education
Family Resources and Education
Activities of Daily Living

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