Alternative Therapies

TCC has expanded our mental health services to the greater Portsmouth area, in efforts to support our community and finds value in holistic approaches that promote emotional wellness and growth, and providing an outlet of support during unprecedented social stressors. - Whitney Folsom, Resident Mental Health Counselor at Community Outpatient

Health and Wellness

“Our coaches provide multiple classes a day for their clients and staff. We believe CrossFit is the key missing component in successful recovery programs. Helping individuals discover and develop their physical capability leads to much larger positive psychological adaptations.” - Dale King, Owner PSKC CrossFit


Not only does Yoga promote a healthy body, but a healthy mind as well. Oftentimes when people have a chemical dependency it is to escape something in their lives. (Past, present, & future)
Yoga is about being in the present. It helps to ease your mind and trains you to focus on investing your energy and emotions on what really matters and your current state of being


Art Therapy

The Happy Pot has created an art program that focuses on engaging clients and enhancing self motivation in a creative environment to relieve stress and help cope with anxiety. Our art program uses creative outlets that can be helpful in processing thoughts and feelings that may have been difficult to express in other ways. The Happy Pot art program consists of different painting techniques

        • Bubbles 
        • Shaving Cream
        • Exploding Paint 
        • Dot Art
        • Cubism 
        • Vision Board 
        • Tye Dye

Clients are asked open-ended questions during the creative process which is continued through group counseling, which helps to strengthen their road to recovery.

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