Justice System

Progressive measures have changed the landscape for drug offenders in the justice system. We're proud to say that TCC has spent years working with local law enforcement and the judicial system to help get clients with drug offenses back on their feet.

We have successfully used our platform to: 

  1. Provide treatment instead of conviction for low-level drug offenses.
  2. The Hughes Reentry Program partners with Southeastern Ohio Legal Services, Scioto County Career Technical Center, and Scioto County Aspire to provide program options that address individual substance abuse and criminogenic, vocational, and educational needs.
  3. The Success Center empowers and enables clients to become educated on ways to succeed in the workforce, obtain financial stability, and regain their independence. The court systems do their part to encourage optimism by allowing community service instead of some legal/financial obligations and establishing affordable payment plans, in turn, helping clients accomplish their goals.

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