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Mental Health

By: John Brown, Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant and Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist Assistant It’s that time again – great food, family, and friends. Sounds like fun, right? For many struggling with addiction, the holidays can be very stressful. Instead of feeling peace on earth, you may feel anxiety, sadness, regret, or depression. Lurking amongst the holly and turkey are numerous threats to your sobriety. Between family stress, financial strain, travel plans, and unrealistic expectations lie many factors that could trigger a craving. Here are six tips

It’s the assumption that treatment agencies owe Portsmouth.  And this completely disregards and minimizes the positive things treatment centers bring to this community; what the recovery community brings to Portsmouth. 

Program Coordinator, Community OP, Jazzy Leeth, LSW The Community Outpatient program with The Counseling Center is a comprehensive behavioral health care option for all community members, adults, and adolescents, seeking support to address substance use disorder and mental health-related needs. This level of care provides individual counseling, peer-led group services, case management, and access to comprehensive primary care and options for Medication-Assisted Treatment as appropriate. Community Outpatient believes in meeting each client where they are in their recovery journey and acknowledges that our clients require

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