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Behavioral Health Practice

By: Dr. Eli Sprague A year in review, 2022 “Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.”  —Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Research at Gartner, Inc. Department Review Data Analytics has arrived to TCC! Beginning in January 2022, Dr. Eli Sprague met with CEO Andy Albrecht and Senior director Max Liles to explore options of establishing outcomes related to Alcohol and or Drug treatment (AOD) and Mental Health (MH) services.  The primary task consisted of assessing the agency’s

By: John Brown, Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant and Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist Assistant It’s that time again – great food, family, and friends. Sounds like fun, right? For many struggling with addiction, the holidays can be very stressful. Instead of feeling peace on earth, you may feel anxiety, sadness, regret, or depression. Lurking amongst the holly and turkey are numerous threats to your sobriety. Between family stress, financial strain, travel plans, and unrealistic expectations lie many factors that could trigger a craving. Here are six tips

By: Elijah D. Sprague, Ph.D, NCC, LPCC-S (OH), LICDC, Director of Data Analytics & Research at The Counseling Center Patients who leave treatment against staff advice (ASA) prior to their successfulcompletion of treatment, also known as attrition, present a significant barrier to the integrity ofrecovery services offered in both medical and drug treatment agencies alike. Attrition places thepatient’s health at increased risk as their presenting concern remains untreated (Hwang, Gupta, &Martin, 2003). Consequently, patients who leave treatment against staff advice, are more likelyto be readmitted

TCC welcomes the opportunity to attend the Clay Twp Trustee Meeting and intends to be a great neighbor and community partner. TCC strongly desires to maintain full transparency, desperately wants to dispel inaccurate concerns surrounding addiction treatment and recovery, and has prepared the following points to help in advance of tonight’s meeting. HOTEL HISTORY AND FINDINGS – As recently as the 90’s, the subject property housed a reputable, safe, beneficial hotel operation. However, over the past decades, numerous overdose deaths, violent crimes, and major drug

Fellow citizens, as you well know, our region became the epicenter of the opioid epidemic approximately 2 decades ago. Big Pharma targeted our region with an influx of medications under the guise of non-addictive healthcare and pain management. Local pharmacists and physicians were targeted in this strategy, and our families and neighborhoods were changed almost instantly. In a matter of years, our declining employment opportunities reached levels of despair. Neighborhoods were left in disrepair, and our loved ones throughout southcentral Ohio witnessed the deaths

It’s the assumption that treatment agencies owe Portsmouth.  And this completely disregards and minimizes the positive things treatment centers bring to this community; what the recovery community brings to Portsmouth. 

As an ode to Appalachian folklore, Appalachian communities have very much become a canary in a coal mine for pharmaceutical companies and, dare I say, insurance companies, as the disposable and invisible birds to prey on for profit.

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