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The Counseling Center

Background & Future of TCC in Rosemount

TCC welcomes the opportunity to attend the Clay Twp Trustee Meeting and intends to be a great neighbor and community partner. TCC strongly desires to maintain full transparency, desperately wants to dispel inaccurate concerns surrounding addiction treatment and recovery, and has prepared the following points to help in advance of tonight’s meeting.

HOTEL HISTORY AND FINDINGS – As recently as the 90’s, the subject property housed a reputable, safe, beneficial hotel operation. However, over the past decades, numerous overdose deaths, violent crimes, and major drug distribution operations have taken over this property. In fact, since procuring the property on August 11, TCC has had to aggressively police the property with internal security personnel. During the policing, we have removed multiple persons from the property each day that were either engaged in the use or distribution (or both) of illegal drugs, dealing in the sex trade, and committing other suspicious activity. TCC has found a significant presence of vectors (rats, mosquitoes, and bed bugs) as well as black mold. Significant security efforts and physical renovations will be completed that will bring this property back to its former state, a condition that will benefit our clients and the community.


We are a non-profit governed and managed by local citizens who live here, love the area, and care about the wellbeing and happiness of not only our clients but also our community members.

Our board is comprised entirely of local volunteers and oversees our budget and strategy.

We pay all employees a strong market rate (executive positions, middle managers, and front line employees). We do not have an owner/shareholder that could operate for personal gain. 

We provide care for approximately 3-4K individuals a year. 80% of those individuals live in our immediate area. 20% are justice referrals (from operations like STAR) or mothers with children who desire our Stepping Stones Program, one of only a few in the state. Clients are drug screened multiple times per week, staff are also screened routinely. 

TCC doesn’t allow clients to walk out of services – they are returned home or to the justice referral.

TCC is working to use the former Mitchellace Building, the Rodeway Inn, and the Hatcher Dorms (behind the Salvation Army) to gather all housing and services into as few locations as possible. TCC has no plans for expanded volume of care in the Portsmouth area but is working to build self-contained satellites (already operating in West Union and soon in Ironton) that serve the region more effectively and closer to their place of origin.

PLANS FOR ROSEMOUNT – TCC purchased the motel property on August 11th. We had planned to communicate the purchase at that time to clarify plans and dispel concerns, but the seller shared information prematurely. We regret that it caused stress that we could not address until after closing. TCC will place an additional $1MM into the property to renovate it inside and out and improve life safety and security. Cameras will be located throughout the property and rooms. TCC will maintain 24/7 security and clinical/support staff on-site, and will provide all recreational, clinical, food, and transportation services. Clients will not be brought into the neighborhoods aside from making purchases at the local restaurants or convenience stores in small groups. TCC will house between 90 and 180 clients in that location, and they will receive clinical services at our Portsmouth location during the day and early evening. The clients will have been drug-free for 1-3 months before being placed there. TCC does not admit individuals with charges involving arson, violence, or sex crimes.

LOST HOTEL AND PROPERTY TAX DOLLARS – TCC wants to ensure that Clay TWP finances remain strong and is actively collaborating with trustees and school officials to more than replace lost funds. In addition, we routinely host clean up days where clients can give back.

The Counseling Center is the region’s leader in behavioral healthcare. Our licensed behavioral and primary healthcare providers employ advanced treatments to help our patients achieve long-term mental and physical health goals. We are leading the way in shaping positive outcomes for mental health, substance use disorder, physical health, and recovery housing.

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