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What makes the Hughes Re-Entry Center different from other treatment programs?

Jami Munn, MEd, LPCC-S, LICDC, Program Director

The Counseling Center’s Hughes Re-Entry program is a partial hospitalization program with supportive housing.  At Hughes, we have the ability to treat a wide spectrum of clients with varying diagnoses. We have licensed chemical dependency counselors as well as independently licensed social workers and mental health counselors that allow us to successfully treat co-occurring disorders including those with more complex mental health needs. 

Our program focuses on individuals’ needs to successfully reenter society and live a life of recovery.  We specialize in working with each client to identify and address any barriers in their environment.  This includes navigating legal involvement, addressing mental health concerns, and increasing employment opportunities.  There are several aspects of our program that set us apart from others.

Individuals are given the opportunity to engage in vocational programs. 

Hughes partners with TCC’s Success Center to offer vocational training in which individuals can obtain certification through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).  Individuals can choose from a variety of programs and can engage in multiple throughout their stay while also receiving intensive substance use and mental health services.  Programs offered include:  

  • Electric 
  • Plumbing
  • Construction and Heavy Machinery
  • Maritime Deckhand
  • Auto Mechanic

In addition to vocational training, clients can work to obtain their GED. 

Hughes partners with our local Education Service Center to assist in obtaining their GED. Through our connection with The Success Center and the various organizations which provide the vocational programming, individuals are provided assistance in resume building and applying for jobs. Difficulty obtaining employment is a common struggle of those with a history of legal charges and substance use.  In gaining these certifications individuals increase their ability to overcome these challenges and be able to obtain positive means of financial support. The classes, curriculum, testing, and materials needed to obtain these certifications and their GED are at no cost to the individuals as this is all supplied through our program. 

Re-entry into society is a major concern for those with an extensive history of incarceration and at Hughes, we specialize in working with individuals involved in all aspects of the legal system.  

We work with individuals who come directly from prison and community-based corrections facilities as well as those on parole and probation. Each client receives treatment based on their needs as individuals. We work with the judicial liaison team to make sure all legal requirements are met.   Individuals are provided with a case management team that is present during the clinical day and after hours.  This case management team keeps in close contact with the court systems including writing progress letters and taking individuals to court in counties throughout the state of Ohio.

Centrally located.

One thing that sets Hughes apart from other partial hospitalization is that all of our services are available at one site.  Individuals receive their substance use groups, CPST groups, mental health individuals, case management services, and substance use individuals under one roof.  Many of their vocational programs are also available at this location. 

In our parking lot, we have an entire barge set up so that Mountwest Community College can come on sight and train individuals for the deckhand program.  We also have vocational rooms set up for the electrical and plumbing program that allows clients to have hands-on practice with the information they are covering in groups.  

We have a medical clinic at our location through TCC Health where clients have easy access to address their medical concerns with licensed providers and access to nursing staff 24/7.  In addition, our housing coordinator and site supervisor have offices at the same location as the clinical team. 

This is crucial to our program because an individual in treatment spends their time in either clinical services or in their supportive housing environment.  Having staff from both aspects of treatment under one roof has resulted in impeccable communication.  The clinical team is always informed of behaviors in their living environment so they can be addressed in a clinical setting if there are problems. In addition, this allows the clinical team to know if their clients are implementing the skills that they have learned in the clinical setting, into their daily lives. The clinical team and housing supervisor or coordinator are present in weekly staffing so that the treatment team can gain a larger picture of how an individual’s treatment is progressing. This means that informed decisions can be made in regard to each client’s treatment.

Our goal for the future is to continue growing our vocational programs and increase the population that can engage in these programs.  We aim to increase access to more training resources such as on-site education centers, technology, and educational materials as well as expand our vocational programs to include the female recovery population, therefore, increasing their opportunities for education and employment.

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