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Keeping it Local – TCC’s Community Outpatient Program

Program Coordinator, Community OP, Jazzy Leeth, LSW

The Community Outpatient program with The Counseling Center is a comprehensive behavioral health care option for all community members, adults, and adolescents, seeking support to address substance use disorder and mental health-related needs. This level of care provides individual counseling, peer-led group services, case management, and access to comprehensive primary care and options for Medication-Assisted Treatment as appropriate. Community Outpatient believes in meeting each client where they are in their recovery journey and acknowledges that our clients require flexibility in treatment planning and present with various levels of motivation for change. We are proud to have the agency resources to build a plan, tailored to each client’s individual treatment goals.  

Our program encourages clients to begin engaging with their community in meaningful ways. Outpatient clients are provided access to art-based interventions through a partnership with a local art studio, The Happy Pot, as part of their regular group schedule. In addition to art, outpatient promotes providing acts of services through volunteer work with the Scioto County Dog Shelter, as well as sharing group times with Shawnee State University Nursing students seeking to increase insight and positive experiences with individuals that are in recovery. 

The Community Outpatient program recognizes that providing individualized care means providing a diverse range of service delivery. Counselors and case managers are prepared to meet clients at their homes and other community locations will coordinate transportation needs including appointments outside of the agency and ensure that clients have access to a safe and supportive environment that provides regular meals and pro-social engagement by encouraging client’s to spend time at our central location outside of regular appointments. 

Our staff has also established a presence in the Scioto County Jail as a means for support for individuals still struggling with substance abuse and mental health-related issues, as well as providing access to treatment admission this way. In addition, Community Outpatient hosts the weekly “Loved Ones” group that is open to any and all community members that are seeking support with experiencing a family member or friend that is struggling with addiction. The Community Outpatient Program with The Counseling Center strives to be seen as a consistent source of support and clinical care to our community despite a client’s preferred level of engagement. Our staff strives to support clients’ improvement of their emotional, physical and personal wellness while being welcomed as active members of their community. 

The Counseling Center is the region’s leader in behavioral healthcare. Our licensed behavioral and primary healthcare providers employ advanced treatments to help our patients achieve long-term mental and physical health goals. We are leading the way in shaping positive outcomes for mental health, substance use disorder, physical health, and recovery housing.

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