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If you were ever curious about TCC’s Housing Operation and its staff…

By: Paula Shabazz, Director of Recovery Support Services @ TCC

The availability of safe and affordable housing has been at the forefront of local conversations recently. You may have read the joint-commissioned publication by the Portsmouth Metropolitan Housing Authority (PMHA) and Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) recently that cited our area needs to continue to identify and develop property that adds value to our housing market.  

The Counseling Center has a history of keeping supportive environments for recovery at the forefront of its strategic plan. TCC has been providing safe, supervised housing for our clients while in treatment since the mid-’90s. We are fortunate to have trained and experienced recovery support staff on-site twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to assist clients with their daily needs. 

The Recovery Support department at TCC is comprised of around 100 individuals. The Recovery Support Specialists (RSS) are responsible for organizing and overseeing clients and their various activities while in the residential environment. Activities are of a wide variety and include:

  1. Visits with family and friends, as they rebuild and maintain relationships with loved ones.
  2. Daily living skills and self-care, fostering the ability for a person to learn to be self-supporting.
  3. Attendance at outside activities and meetings, including 12-step fellowships, recovery coalition events, athletic contests, and religious services.
  4. Participating in health and wellness activities, like CrossFit, Hip-Hop-Heat, Yoga, Drum Class, Pool, Table Tennis, and hiking.
  5. Maintaining the safety and integrity of our recovery houses and local neighborhoods. 

TCC believes in holistic treatment. The RSS Team works hand-in-hand with both the client’s clinical and medical providers to ensure quality care as a whole. We maintain a safe and therapeutic environment by providing this direct supervision and supporting each client, based on their individual needs. Our staff is dedicated, hardworking, and invested in our clients and our community. 

In the future, we will continue to provide the best care possible for our clients. While we are proud of our current operation status, we are focused on making advances to increase the quality of our product. We are hopeful that we can improve on this comprehensive model as we move under one roof with the opening of TCC’s main campus, centrally locating all of our clinical and support services. With everyone in one location, we aim to improve efficiency and effectiveness in our ability to offer state-of-the-art behavioral health care to our client population. 

The Counseling Center is the region’s leader in behavioral healthcare. Our licensed behavioral and primary healthcare providers employ advanced treatments to help our patients achieve long-term mental and physical health goals. We are leading the way in shaping positive outcomes for mental health, substance use disorder, physical health, and recovery housing.

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