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Investing in the Mental Health of Mothers

Stephanie Miller, Stepping Stones Program Director

Stepping Stones is invested in serving clients that are diagnosed with co-occurring disorders; females with a substance use disorder and another mental health diagnosis.

While TCC is known primarily as a substance use disorder treatment agency, we also know that treating an individual holistically is key. In serving pregnant women and women with children, mental health services are of the utmost importance for moms to remain abstinent and meet their recovery goals.

Many new mothers experience postpartum depression (A mood disorder or depression that occurs in mothers after the birth of a baby); but the risk is even greater for someone in early remission from a substance use disorder. At Stepping Stones, we want to make sure that we let our clients know of the risk factors, what signs to look for, and have increased Mental Health support for them after the delivery of their baby.

For all mothers, parenting can be challenging…

BUT add trying to cope with life on life’s terms without using a substance or the knowledge of coping skills to manage mental health symptoms – This can increase the risk for relapse or increase mental health symptoms.

Our mental health providers assist our mothers and expectant mothers with the needed education and application on parenting and coping skills to decrease stressors and mental health symptomology. We use individual and group therapy to navigate the exploration and management of mental health symptoms. We use evidence-based materials to provide this education, such as Stephanie Covington’s “Beyond Trauma”. This service line is available to clients at Stepping Stones throughout their entire enrollment in all levels of care.

Stepping Stones was the first residential program of The Counseling Center, and over the last 25 years we have continued to monitor, evaluate, and improve services offered to moms seeking treatment.

In the last year we have been planning to expand our Mothers Care Outpatient program. Mothers Care is an additional program within Stepping Stones for those that have completed a higher levels of care or for those that have barriers to entering Stepping Stones.
We have added an additional mental health counseling options. These added services will allow us the ability to offer on-site counseling for school-age children. We know that substance use and mental health disorders have the potential to impact a family entirely – and we want to be able to offer appropriate, impactful treatment to families. Any child identified as having difficulties coping has been impacted by substance use, experiencing behavioral issues, or trauma-related issues can now be seen within our program.

I encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we continue to share our thoughts and practices in the business of Mental Healthcare. If you or someone you love is in need of behavioral treatment of any kind–reach us at 740.354.6685 or 24/7 on the Crisis Hotline 740.354.1010.
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The Counseling Center is the region’s leader in behavioral healthcare. Our licensed behavioral and primary healthcare providers employ advanced treatments to help our patients achieve long-term mental and physical health goals. We are leading the way in shaping positive outcomes for mental health, substance use disorder, physical health, and recovery housing.

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