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Max Liles, Senior Director

As we are rounding down on the second half of Mental Health Awareness Month, I believe it is important we address the overgeneralization of mental health disorders. 

As a society, it seems that we have these target points that we feel that people with specific mental disorders must hit to fit this diagnosis – which is so far from the truth; mental health disorders have different presentations in each individual. With that being said, if mental health disorders vary in characteristics and presentation then treatment must vary as well. 

At The Counseling Center (TCC), we are consistently providing individualized care to meet the needs of each individual client. Inside this idea of individualized care, we are beginning to look outside the box at alternative therapy and its implementation. The more options for alternative activities and experiences that people have the more individualized their experience can be. 

One of our most successful therapeutic interventions for both mental health and substance use disorders has been found within the walls of our Health and Wellness Center. TCC has been partnering with Portsmouth Spartan Kettlebell Club (PSKC) for approximately three years now to provide services such as CrossFit and Yoga to our population as an elective. 

For some clients, this has been life-altering.

They have found so much solitude and serenity in those classes. For some, the HAWC has become a refuge, almost as a safe haven, in the beginning, stages of recovery from their co-occurring disorders. As a clinician, I have personally experienced the therapeutic value of exercising with clients and the benefits in which it brings to them outside of the intervention itself. 

One of the biggest barriers to recovery is social isolation which is so congruent with substance use and mental health disorders alike. The environment at the Health and Wellness Center and the classes it provides tackle this barrier head-on, full force. For sixty minutes in any given class, twenty to twenty-five people are all working together with one common goal – to complete this workout (mostly to survive the workout if you ask me). The camaraderie this builds is without parallel.  You can walk into any class and witness each person setting aside any differences and building each other up. 

No one finishes until we are all finished. This idea is so foreign to individuals who have spent the mass majority of their life either not socializing with others or engaging in unhealthy relationships that may have contributed to their disorders.

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