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Commemorating the 2 year anniversary of CrossFit services @ HAWC

Max Liles, Senior Director at The Counseling Center

This week The Counseling Center and Portsmouth Spartan Kettlebell Club got to celebrate two years of CrossFit at the HAWC!

We are so, so proud of what we have been able to accomplish in this time – and though it might not be everyone’s cup of tea THIS. STUFF. WORKS.

Why a “CrossFit Box” and not just a traditional gym space?

Don’t get me wrong – something is better than nothing… especially when you’re talking about movement. BUT CrossFit offers some benefits that get left out in the cold in the traditional gym space.

CrossFit is infinitely scalable.

Our agency has interactions with people who have decade’s clean, working with us as staff. Our agency is also a safe place for folks who are in their first few days of abstinence.

There are people in classes that have been regularly active for some time, others that are about to do their first class ever – maybe first work out ever. The beauty of CrossFit is that these people can get after it together; effort is the only thing that matters.

The group setting: You are always going to get more done in a group than you would by yourself.

Try it out – write a tough 5 Round WOD on the board; by yourself you’ll compromise to finish after 3 rounds and that’s ok. In the group you are going to see it through til the end.

Which leads me to the next point… CrossFit challenges people.

CrossFit class is a perfect and safe place to be introduced to stress that is going to physically and mentally challenge people.

The substance use disorder population needs challenges. These people need to overcome difficulties, for practice. These people need to build some positive momentum by fishing things. A CrossFit WOD is a great place to start.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – LIVE.

Traditional therapy can teach individuals about ways to process and manage thoughts, but the real test comes at the times when I have a live, negative narrative going on.

“This is too hard.”

“I want to quit.”

“There is no way I am going to be able to finish this.”

In addition to programming our workouts, the PSKC coaches and clinical support staff at TCC are cognizant to the way these negative personal narratives can dictate behavior. We encourage our clients and staff to take control of those internal messages and change them to something empowering, rather than something deflating.

“This is not supposed to be easy.”

“I am going to finish.”

“I am in control.”

From our CEO, Andy Albrecht:

It’s not only just something we’ve experimented with, it’s something we believe in; and now it’s just part of our daily routine.

And if all that is not enough to convince you of the effectiveness of this alternative therapy, or if you want to know more about the stuff going at that building on Washington Street – check out some of the links below:

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