Loved Ones Group

Loved Ones Group

The Loved One's Group

Recovery for the addicted person often begins with positive action by the family. Loved One's Group is a series for family, friends, and others who are concerned about a loved one’s alcohol or drug use. The six-week series focuses on educating loved ones on how to identify addiction and develop effective approaches to really help the person with a drinking or drug problem.

The Loved One’s Group is facilitated by highly trained, professional staff from The Counseling Center. For more information please contact Director of the Day One Admissions Center, Robin Looney, 740.354.6685 ext. 8010.

Family Members Typically

  • Do not understand the nature of addiction
  • Feel alone, ashamed and fearful about the problem of alcohol and drug addiction
  • Feel responsible believing that somehow they have caused or contributed to the problem in some way
  • Feel angry with the addicted person
  • Feel hopeless their loved one will never get the help they need

Loved Ones Video Series

Click here to view videos of our Loved Ones Group Sessions.

Loved Ones Group Newsletters is a great resource for teens who have loved ones battling addiction